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SV Vs LL (KSL -Women Super T20) | sv vs ll Dream11 Team

**Dear visitors, we will make every effort to provide information for all Kia Women’s Super League (KSL) matches. And we will also try to provide information for all the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

[4th Match -Women’s Cricket Super League 2018]

Southern Vipers (SV) Vs Loughborough Lightning (LL)

Updated News of Southern Vipers (SV)

  1. Southern Vipers (SV) has played 1 game with 1 win and no losses.
  2. Southern Vipers (SV) won the first match comfortably so probably they will play the same 11.
  3. This is the 2nd match of both teams so playing 11 is not confirmed. We are trying our best. Make your fantasy “sv vs ll Dream11 team” with the best players.
  4. SV is a very good and balanced team.
  5. Captian, Suzie Bates will lead Southern Vipers (SV).
  6. Overseas: Bates (NZ), Mignon du Preez (SA), Amelia Kerr (NZ)
  7. Last season: Runners-up
  8. Perhaps, Danielle Wyatt & Tammy Beaumont will open for SV.

Updated News of Loughborough Lightning (LL)

  1. Loughborough Lightning (LL) has also played 1 game with 1 win and no losses.
  2. They also won the first match comfortably so probably they will play the same 11.
  3. This is the 2nd match of both teams so playing 11 is not confirmed. We are trying our best. Make your fantasy “sv vs ll Dream11 team” with the best players.
  4. LL performed very well in the last match especially their bowlers.
  5. Captian, Georgia Elwiss will lead Loughborough Lightning (LL).
  6. Overseas: Elyse Villani (Aus), Rachael Haynes (Aus), Sophie Devine (NZ)
  7. Last season: 4th
  8. Perhaps, Elyse Villani & Sophie Devine will open for LL. They can try the different combination for in opening.

Description Of The Match

This is the 4th match of Women’s Cricket Super League 2018. This match will be played between Southern Vipers vs Loughborough Lightning (SV Vs LL).

This is Kia Women’s Super League (KSL) 2018. The 2018 season of the tournament will see the six teams play each other in the home-away format – for the first time. The top three will advance to Finals Day at Hove on August 27. The six teams are Yorkshire Diamonds (YD), Lancashire Thunder (LT), Western Storm (WS), Surrey Stars (SS), Southern Vipers (SV) and Loughborough Lightning (LL).

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Full Squad of Southern Vipers (SV)

*This is the full squad of SV for SV Vs LL Match.

Suzie Bates (c), Carla Rudd (wk), Arran Brindle, Danielle Wyatt, Tammy Beaumont, Sara McGlashan, Mignon du Preez, Natasha Farrant, Amelia Kerr, Paige Scholfield, Katie George, Charlotte Dean, Maia Bouchier, Lauren Bell, Fi Morris

Full Squad of Loughborough Lightning (LL)

*This is the full squad of LL for SV Vs LL Match.

Georgia Elwiss (c), Amy Ellen Jones (wk), Rachael Haynes, Elyse Villani, Jenny Gunn, Sophie Devine, Kirstie Gordon, Sonia Odedra, Sarah Glenn, Lucy Higham, Georgia Adams, Linsey Smith, Tara Norris, Abigail Freeborn, Joanne Gardner

NOTE: Select players from only given above squad and include in your SV Vs LL DREAM11 TEAM . Other players will not play.

Comparison of Teams (SV Vs LL) 

In WK Amy Ellen Jones is the best option. Carla Rudd is a good option.

Pitch Report

This SV Vs LL match will be played at The Rose Bowl, Southampton on Wednesday25th July 2018 at 11:30 PM IST. The pitch will help batsmen. There is some help for bowlers also.

Some T20I matches data at The Rose Bowl, Southampton will help to make the sv vs ll dream11 team are as follow:

*Data is not available.

Fantasy Cricket Tips & X-Factor of the Match

(sv vs ll)

Fantasy Cricket Tips – Try to make a balanced fantasy “sv vs ll dream11 team” because both are the competitive team and very good form.

Expected 11 of Southern Vipers (SV) 

(In the sequence of batting order)

Danielle Wyatt, Suzie Bates(c), Tammy Beaumont, Mignon du Preez, Sara McGlashan, Arran Brindle, Amelia Kerr, Natasha Farrant, Katie George/Paige Scholfield, Carla Rudd(w), Fi Morris,

Expected 11 of Loughborough Lightning (LL)

(In the sequence of batting order of LL)

Elyse Villani, Sophie Devine, Amy Ellen Jones(wk), Rachael Haynes, Georgia Elwiss (c), Georgia Adams, Sarah Glenn, Lucy Higham, Jenny Gunn, Linsey Smith, Kirstie Gordon,

Best Batsmen (sv vs ll)

  1. Danielle Wyatt -SV
  2. Tammy Beaumont -SV
  3. Sara McGlashan -SV
  4. Mignon du Preez -SV
  5. Elyse Villani -LL
  6. Rachael Haynes -LL
  7. Sarah Glenn  -LL
  8. Georgia Adams -LL

Best Bowlers (SV Vs LL)

  1. Amelia Kerr -SV
  2. Natasha Farrant -SV
  3. Fi Morris -SV
  4. Georgia Elwiss -LL
  5. Linsey Smith -LL
  6. Kirstie Gordon -LL
  7. Jenny Gunn -LL

Best All-rounders (sv v ll)

  1. Suzie Bates -SV
  2. Arran Brindle -SV
  3. Sophie Devine -LL
  4. Lucy Higham -LL

Best Wicket-keeper (SV V LL)

  1. Carla Rudd -SV
  2. Amy Ellen Jones -LL

Captain and Vice-Captain Options (Sv Vs Ll)

  1. Suzie Bates -SV
  2. Amelia Kerr -SV
  3. Danielle Wyatt -SV
  4. Tammy Beaumont -SV
  5. Elyse Villani -LL
  6. Rachael Haynes -LL
  7. Sophie Devine -LL
  8. Georgia Elwiss -LL

NOTE: Friends, create your team with the information given on this website. We are only giving SL & GL team for your reference. This is only to increase your winning probability in sv vs ll match.

DREAM11 TEAM (sv vs ll):

** Here we’ll try to make our best sv vs ll dream11 team for today’s match **

This sv vs ll dream11 team is referred to by EXPERT opinion if you understand, go with it or you can create your own “sv vs ll dream11 team” based on the information given in this website.

Our Expert (SV Vs LL) DREAM11 TEAM -1 

Our Expert (SV Vs LL) DREAM11 TEAM -2

**Try to go with your “SV Vs LL DREAM11 TEAM” right now. We will soon update “OUR EXPERT TEAM-1”.

*Please be sure to visit our website 1 hour before the deadline once. We will update here if any news comes. So, Keep in touch with latest updates.


  1. Hence, All information is given by the expert.
  2. You will be able to create sv vs ll dream11 team with your intellectual skills & logical decision with the information available in this website.
  3. This website will not be responsible for any win or lose in sv vs ll match.


Note – If you’ve any queries about us you can contact us.

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