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Description of The Match

This is the T20 Match (Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019). This match will be played between Maharashtra vs Railways (MAM vs RAI) at Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore on Tuesday, 12th March 01:30 PM IST.

Full Squad of Maharashtra (MAM)

  • This is the full squad of MAM for MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team.

Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi(c), Rohit Motwani, Naushad Shaikh, Nikhil Naik (w), Divyang Himganekar, Ankit Bawne, Azim Kazi, Vishal Gite, Satyajeet Bachhav, Samad Fallah, Swapnil Gugale, Vijay Zol, Hitesh Walunj, Yash Nahar, Manoj Ingale

Updated News of Maharashtra (MAH)

  1. Super League Match Status – Played-3, W-3, L-0, NR-0
  2. Maharashtra (MAH) is a very good team in the white ball cricket.
  3. They won the last match. Vijay Zol  & Ankit Bawne scored the fifties in that match.
  4. Top 3 run scorers – Ruturaj Gaikwad (272 runs in 10 matches), Rahul Tripathi (257 runs in 8 matches), Naushad Shaikh (207 runs in 10 matches),
  5. Top 3 wicket takers – Satyajeet Bachhav (18 wickets in 10 matches), Divyang Himganekar (10 wickets in 10 matches), Samad Fallah (9 wickets in 10 matches),
  6. Rahul Tripathi will lead the team.
  7. Main Batters – Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi(c), Nikhil Naik(w), Ankit Bawne, Vijay Zol, 
  8. Main Fast Bowlers – Samad Fallah (left-arm fast medium), Divyang Himganekar (left-arm fast medium), Domnic Muthuswami (right-arm fast medium), 
  9. Main Spinners – Azim Kazi (left-arm orthodox), Satyajeet Bachhav (left-arm orthodox),  
  10. Mail All-rounders- Naushad Shaikh (off-spin)
  11. Opener – Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi

Full Squad of Railways (RAI)

  • This is the full squad of RAI for MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team.
Mrunal Devdhar, Pratham Singh, Gandhar Bhatawadekar, Amit Chopra, Prashant Awasthi, Amit Paunikar (w), Anureet Singh(c), Harsh Tyagi, Amit Mishra, Manjeet Singh, Ambikeshwar Mishra, Prashant Gupta, Ashish Yadav, Abhinav Dixit, Krishnakant Upadhyay

Updated News of Railways (RAI)

  1. Super League Match Status – Played-3, W-0, L-3, NR-0
  2. They are already out of the final race so they can make any changes. Any good player can sit out.
  3. Top 3 run scorers – Pratham Singh (409 runs in 9 matches), Mrunal Devdhar (208 runs in 9 matches), Prashant Gupta (132 runs in 3 matches),
  4. Top 3 wicket takers – Ashish Yadav (9 wickets in 8 matches), Anureet Singh (10 wickets in 9 matches), Amit Mishra (8 wickets in 8 matches),
  5. Anureet Singh will lead the team.
  6. Main Batters – Mrunal Devdhar, Pratham Singh, Amit Paunikar(w), Gandhar Bhatawadekar, 
  7. Main Fast Bowlers – Anureet Singh (right-arm fast medium), Amit Mishra(right-arm fast medium), Ambikeshwar Mishra
  8. Main Spinners – Harsh Tyagi (left-arm orthodox)
  9. Mail All-rounders- Ashish Yadav (left-arm orthodox) (risky)
  10. Opener – Mrunal Devdhar, Pratham Singh,

NOTE: Select players from only given above squad and include in your MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team. Other players will not play.

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Comparison of Teams (MAM vs RAI)

In WK Amit Paunikar & Nikhil Naik both are the good option.

Pitch Report:-

This “MAM vs RAI Match” will be played at Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore on Tuesday, 12th March 01:30 PM IST.

Some of T20’s matches data at Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore  will help to make the MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team are as follow:

Fantasy Cricket Tips & X-Factor of the Match

(MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team)

Fantasy Cricket Tips – Both are the competitive teams, so make a balanced fantasy MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team.

Expected 11 of Maharashtra (MAM)

(In the sequence of batting order of MAM Team)

Ruturaj Gaikwad, Rahul Tripathi(c), Vijay Zol, Naushad Shaikh, Ankit Bawne, Nikhil Naik(w), Azim Kazi, Divyang Himganekar, Satyajeet Bachhav, Samad Fallah, Domnic Muthuswami,

Expected 11 of Railways (RAI)

(In the sequence of batting order of RAI Team)

Mrunal Devdhar, Pratham Singh, Gandhar Bhatawadekar, Amit Chopra/Prashant Awasthi, Ashish Yadav, Amit Paunikar(w), Anureet Singh(c), Harsh Tyagi, Amit Mishra, Manjeet Singh, Ambikeshwar Mishra

MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team

  • Here we’ll try to make our best MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team for today’s match.
  • This MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team is referred to by EXPERT opinion if you understand, go with it or you can create your own “MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team” based on the information given in this website.

MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team (Our Expert Team)

KAR vs VID Dotball Team (Our Expert Team)

C and VC Options

  1. Ruturaj Gaikwad
  2. Rahul Tripathi
  3.  Naushad Shaikh
  4. Divyang Himganekar
  5. Harsh Tyagi
  6. Pratham Singh
  7. Ashish Yadav
  8. Anureet Singh


  1. Hence, All information is given by the expert.
  2. You will be able to create a MAM vs RAI Dream11 Team with your intellectual skills & logical decision with the information available on this website.
  3. This website will not be responsible for any win or lose in MAM vs RAI Match.

Note – If you’ve any queries about us you can contact us.

  • Please be sure to visit our website for 1 hour before the deadline once. We will update here if any news comes. So, Keep in touch with the latest updates.

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