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KAR Vs VBK (Tamil Nadu T20 – 8th Match) | kar vs vbk dream11 team

[8th Match- Tamil Nadu T20 Premier League 2018]

Karaikudi Kaalai (KAR) Vs VB Kanchi Veeran (VBK)

Updated News of Karaikudi Kaalai (KAR)

  1. KAR had lost in the first game.
  2. This is the 2nd match of KAR. Probably they will not play with the same 11.
  3. Srikkanth Anirudha will lead Karaikudi Kaalai (KAR).
  4. Other state players not allowed for TNPL.
  5. Karaikudi Kaalai (KAR) is very good and balanced team.
  6. Imp batters – Srikkanth Anirudha(c), L Suryaprakash, Rajhamany Srinivasan, V Aditya, 
  7. Imp Allrounders – M Shajahan, Yo Mahesh, Maan Bafna,
  8. Imp bowlers – R Rajkumar, S Mohan Prasath,
  9. Perhaps, Srikkanth Anirudha(c) & V Aditya will open for KAR.

Updated News of VB Kanchi Veeran (VBK)

  1. VBK had also lost in the 1st game.
  2. Baba Aparajith will lead VB Kanchi Veeran (VBK).
  3. This is the 2nd match of VBK also. Probably they will not play with the same 11.
  4. Try to make your fantasy kar vs vbk dream11 team with the best players (Given below).
  5. Imp batters – K Vishal Vaidhya, V Subramania Siva, S Siddharth, Suresh Lokeshwar(w).
  6. Imp Allrounders – Baba Aparajith, Sanjay Yadav.
  7. Imp bowlers – Aushik Srinivas, R Silambarasan, Sunil Sam,
  8. Perhaps, K Vishal Vaidhya & S Siddharth will open for VB Kanchi Veerans (vbk).

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Description of The Match (KAR Vs VBK)

This is the Tamil Nadu T20’s 8th match which will be played between Karaikudi Kaalai (KAR) Vs VB Kanchi Veeran (VBK).

In the Tamil Nadu Premier League, 2018 it was decided that the outstation players will be included in their tournament provided they are an uncapped India player and were not included in any team in the previous IPL.

**Outstation players allowed for TNPL (provided they are an uncapped India player and are not included in any team in the last IPL).

The third edition of the Tamil Nadu Premier League will go on as per schedule but players registered with cricket associations outside Tamil Nadu will not be allowed to participate in the tournament, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday(July 11).

So Aarpit VasavadaLukman Meriwala & Himmat Singh will not play in any match.

Full Squad of Karaikudi Kaalai (KAR)

*This is the full squad of KAR for KAR Vs VBK Match.

Srikkanth Anirudha (c), R Kavin (wk), S Ganesh, Yo Mahesh, L Suryaprakash, Velidi Lakshman, S Kishan Kumar, S Radhakrishnan, Maan Bafna, Ashwath Mukumthan, S Swaminathan, T Ajith Kumar, M Shajahan, V Aditya, R Rajkumar, S Mohan Prasath, P Murgesh, Rajhamany Srinivasan

Full Squad of VB Kanchi Veeran (VBK)

*This is the full squad of VBK for KAR Vs VBK Match.

Baba Aparajith (c), Suresh Lokeshwar (wk), K Vishal Vaidhya, Aushik Srinivas, V Subramania Siva, U Mukilesh, Sunil Sam, K Deeban Lingesh, S Siddharth, P Francis Rokins, RS Mokit Hariharan, R Silambarasan, S Arun, Sanjay Yadav, S Ashwath, S Chandrashekar, R Divakar, C Shriram, U Vishal

NOTE: Select players from only given above squad and include in your “KAR Vs VBK DREAM11 TEAM“. Other players will not play.

Comparison of Teams (KAR Vs VBK) 

In WK Suresh Lokeshwar is the best option. R Kavin is also a good option.

Pitch Report

This kar vs vbk match will be played at NPR College Ground, Dindigul on Thursday, 19th July 2018 at 07:15 PM IST. The pitch will help batsmen.

Some T20I matches data at NPR College Ground, Dindigul will help to making the kar vs vbk dream11 team are as follow:

*Data is not available.

Expected 11 of Karaikudi Kaalai (KAR)

(In the sequence of batting of KAR)

Srikkanth Anirudha(c), V Aditya, Maan Bafna, R Kavin(w), Rajhamany Srinivasan, M Shajahan, L Suryaprakash, Yo Mahesh, R Rajkumar, S Mohan Prasath, S Swaminathan,

Expected 11 of VB Kanchi Veeran (VBK)

(In the sequence of batting of VBK)

K Vishal Vaidhya, S Siddharth, Baba Aparajith(c), U Mukilesh, V Subramania Siva, Suresh Lokeshwar(w), Sanjay Yadav, S Arun, Sunil Sam, Aushik Srinivas, R Silambarasan,

Best Batsmen (KAR Vs VBK)

  1. Srikkanth Anirudha -KAR
  2. L Suryaprakash -KAR
  3. Rajhamany Srinivasan -KAR
  4. V Aditya -KAR
  5. K Vishal Vaidhya -VBK
  6. V Subramania Siva -VBK
  7. S Siddharth -VBK

Best Bowlers (kar v vbk)

  1. R Rajkumar -KAR
  2. S Mohan Prasath -KAR
  3. Yo Mahesh -KAR
  4. Aushik Srinivas -VBK
  5. R Silambarasan -VBK
  6. Sunil Sam -VBK

Best All-rounders (kar vs vbk)

  1. M Shajahan -KAR
  2. Maan Bafna -KAR
  3. Baba Aparajith -VBK
  4. Sanjay Yadav -VBK

Best Wicket-keeper (Kar vs Vbk)

  1. R Kavin -KAR
  2. Suresh Lokeshwar -VBK

Captain and Vice-Captain Options (KAR V VBK)

  1. Srikkanth Anirudha -KAR
  2. V Aditya -KAR
  3. Rajhamany Srinivasan -KAR
  4. Maan Bafna -KAR
  5. K Vishal Vaidhya -VBK
  6. Baba Aparajith -VBK
  7. V Subramania Siva -VBK
  8. S Siddharth -VBK

NOTE: Friends, create your team with the information given in this website. We are only giving SL and GL team for your reference. This is only to increase your winning probability in KAR Vs VBK DREAM11 TEAM.


** Here we’ll try to make our best KAR Vs VBK DREAM11 TEAM for today’s match **

* This KAR Vs VBK DREAM11 TEAM is referred to by EXPERT opinion if you understand, go with it or you can create your own TEAM based on the information given in this website.

Our Expert DREAM11 TEAM -1 (KAR Vs VBK)

Our Expert DREAM11 TEAM -2 (KAR Vs VBK)

**Try to go with your ” KAR Vs VBK DREAM11 TEAM” right now. We will soon update “OUR EXPERT TEAM-1“.

*Please be sure to visit our website 1 hour before the deadline once. We will update here, if any news comes. So, Keep in touch with latest updates.


  1. Hence, All information is given by the expert.
  2. You will be able to create kar vs vbk dream11 team with your intellectual skills & logical decision with information available in this website.
  3. This website will not be responsible for any win or lose in kar vs vbk match.


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