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INDY vs SLY Dream11 Team | indy vs sly dream11 team 

indy vs sly dream11 team **Dear visitors, we will make every effort to provide information for all Kia Women’s Super League (KSL) matches. And we will also try to provide information for all the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

[4th Youth ODI –India Under 19 tour of Sri Lanka 2018]

India U19 (IND-Y) Vs Sri Lanka U19 (SL-Y)

Updated News of India U19 (indy)

  1. India U19 (Indy) won the first ODI match by 6 wickets comfortably But badly lost the second & third match.
  2. Captain, Aryan Juyal will lead India U19 Team.
  3. This is the 4th match of IND-Y. Probably they will not play with their same 11.
  4. India U19 (Indy) is a very good and balanced team But their performance in the last two games is poor. So, They can make some changes in their playing 11.
  5. The top batsman of Ind U19 is Atharwa Taide , Pawan Shah and Anuj Rawat
  6. Ind U19 bowlers also in good form.
  7. The top bowler of Ind U19 is Ajay Dev Goud Mohit Jangra.
  8. Perhaps, Atharwa Taide and Anuj Rawat will opens for Ind-Y.

Updated News of Sri Lanka U19 (sly)

  1. Sri Lanka U19 (sly) won the second and third ODI match very comfortably despite a disastrous loss in the first ODI match.
  2. This is the 4th match of both teams. Probably SL-Y will play with their same 11.
  3. SL-Y is also a very good and balanced team.
  4. Captain, Nipun Dananjaya will lead Sri Lanka U19 Team.
  5. The top bowlers of Sl U19 is  Lakshitha Manasinghe & Naveen Nirmal Femando.
  6. Perhaps, Kamil Mishara and Nishan Madushka will open for SL-Y.

iny vs sly Description of The Match 

This is Youth (U-19) ODI match. This match will be played between indy vs sly. This is the Fourth ODI of Five ODI match series at Tyronne Fernando Stadium, Moratuwa on Monday, 6th August 2018 at 10:00AM IST.

Sri Lanka U19 (sly) has won last two (second & third) consecutive match while India U19 (iny) has won first match of this series.

SL-Y have a 2-1 lead. This is a more risky match because now only 2 matches left and IN-Y want to give a chance to the bench player.

These U-19 matches are highly risky in the sense of playing 11 because every team will try all players in different -different matches. So it is hard to predict who will play in this particular match.

I do not recommend to play these matches. But if you want to take a risk, it is on you. I am trying my best but I am not 100% confident. We are giving team only for our user’s request.

Full Squad of India U19 (Iny)

*This is the full squad of Iny for Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team.

Aryan Juyal (C) (WK) (UPCA), Anuj Rawat (WK) (DDCA), Devdutt Padikkal (KSCA), Atharva Taide (VCA), Yash Rathod (VCA), Ayush Badoni (DDCA), Sameer Choudhary (UPCA), Siddharth Desai (GCA), Harsh Tyagi (DDCA), Y.D. Mangwani (MHCA), Ajay Devgaud (HYD), Y. Jaiswal (MCA), Mohit Jangra (UPCA), Akash Pande (GCA), Pawan Shah (MHCA).

Full Squad of Sri Lanka U19 (Sly)

*This is the full squad of Sly for Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team.

RVPK Mishra, PPP Bandara, Nipun Dananjaya(c), PWS Dulshan, Nishan Madushka(w), Naveen Nirmal Fernando, Nipun Malinga, Sandun Mendis, Navod Paranavithana, EKV Perera, SMKS Senarathne, Pasindu Sooriyabandara, EMNI Vijayakumara, DN Wellalage, Sonal Dinusha, Vijayakanth Viyaskanth, Kamil Mishara, Nuwanidu Fernando, Lakshitha Manasinghe, Avishka Lakshan

NOTE: Select players from only given above squad and include in your Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team. Other players will not play.

indy vs sly Comparison of Teams 

In wk Aryan Juyal is the best option. Nishan Madushka is also a good option.

Fantasy Cricket Tips & X-Factor of the Match

(Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team)

Fantasy Cricket Tips – Both are the competitive teams, so make a balance fantasy Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team.

iny vs sly Pitch Report 

This Indy Vs Sly Match will be played between indy vs sly. This is the Third ODI of Five ODI match series at Tyronne Fernando Stadium, Moratuwa on Monday, 6th August 2018 at 10:00AM IST.

Some ODI matches data at Tyronne Fernando Stadium, Moratuwa will help to making the Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team are as follow:

*Data is not available.

Expected 11 of  India U19 (Indy)

Devdutt Padikkal, Anuj Rawat/Ayush Badoni, Atharwa Taide, Pawan Shah, Aryan Juyal(w/c), Yash Rathod, Ajay Dev Goud, Mohit Jangra, Siddharth Desai, Akash Pande/Yatin Mangwani, Harsh Tyagi,

Expected 11 of Sri Lanka U19 (Sly)

Navod Paranavithana, Nishan Madushka(w), Nipun Dananjaya(c), Nuwanidu Fernando, Pasindu Sooriyabandara, Sandun Mendis, Lakshitha Manasinghe, Nipun Malinga, Naveen Nirmal Fernando, PWS Dulshan, Avishka Lakshan/Sonal Dinusha,

IMP Players of Sri Lanka U19 (Sly)

Best Batsmen – Pasindu Sooriyabandara, Nuwanidu Fernando, Nipun Dananjaya, Nishan Madushka (wk), Navod Paranavithana (bowling regularly),

Best Bowlers – Lakshitha Manasinghe (off-spinner), Avishka Lakshan (off-spinner), Nipun Malinga (right-hand medium fast), PWS Dulshan (left-arm orthodox)

Best Allrounders – Sandun Mendis (off -spinner+ bat),

IMP Players of India U19 (Indy)

Best Batsmen – Pavan Shah, Anuj Rawat (wk), Aryan Juyal (wk/c), Atharwa Taide, Sameer Choudhary, Devdutt Padikkal (played in the last game),

Best Bowlers – Siddharth Desai (left-arm orthodox), Mohit Jangra (left-hand medium fast), Yatin Mangwani (right-hand medium fast) (slightly risky), Harsh Tyagi(left-arm orthodox) (slightly risky)

Best Allrounders – AAjay Dev Goud (right-hand medium fast +bat), Ayush Badoni (off -spinner+ bat) (rested in the last game)

Indy Vs Sly Best Batsmen

  1. Atharwa Taide -Iny
  2. Pawan Shah -Iny
  3. Yashasvi Jaiswal -Iny
  4. Anuj Rawat -Iny
  5. Nuwanidu Fernando -Sly
  6. Pasindu Sooriyabandara -Sly
  7. Nipun Dananjaya -Sly

Indy Vs Sly Best Bowlers 

  1. Siddharth Desai -Iny
  2. Mohit Jangra -Iny
  3. Yatin Mangwani -Iny
  4. Nipun Malinga -Sly
  5. Naveen Nirmal Femando -Sly
  6. Avishka Lakshan -Sly
  7. Shashika Dulshan -Sly
  8. Lakshitha Manasinghe -Sly

Indy Vs Sly BestAll-rounders

  1. Ayush Badoni -Iny
  2. Sameer Choudhary -Iny
  3. Ajay Dev Goud -Iny
  4. Sandun Mendis -Sly
  5. Navod Paranavithana -Sly

Indy Vs Sly Best Wicket-keeper

  1. Aryan Juyal -Iny
  2. Nishan Madushka -Sly

Indy Vs Sly Best Captain and Vice-Captain Options

  1. Atharwa Taide -Iny
  2. Pawan Shah -Iny
  3. Ayush Badoni -Iny
  4. Mohit Jangra -Sly
  5. Pasindu Sooriyabandara -Sly
  6. Nishan Mathushka -Sly

NOTE: Friends, create your team with the information given in this website. We are only giving SL and GL team for your reference. This is only to increase your winning probability in Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team.

Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team

** Here we’ll try to make our best Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team for today’s match **

This Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team is referred to by EXPERT opinion if you understand, go with it or you can create your own TEAM based on the information given in this website.

Our Expert Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team-1

Our Expert Indy Vs Sly Dream11 Team-2



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  1. Hence, All information is given by the expert.
  2. You will be able to create indy vs sly dream11 team with your intellectual skills & logical decision with the information available in this website.
  3. This website will not be responsible for any win or lose in indy vs sly Match.


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