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BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team | 14th Match Karnataka T20

BIJ vs BT dream11 team ***Dear visitors, we will make every effort to provide information for all matches of Kia Women’s Super League (KSL) & Women’s T20 Challenger Trophy 2018. And we will also try to provide information for all matches of Caribbean Premier League (CPL2018, Indian Duleep Trophy 2018 Karnataka Premier League 2018

[14th Match –Karnataka Premier League 2018]

Bijapur Bulls (BIJ) vs Bellary Tuskers (BT)

Updated News of Bijapur Bulls (BIJ)

  1. Bijapur Bulls (BIJ) last Match abandoned without toss due to rain at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.
  2. Bijapur Bulls (BIJ) is a good and balanced team.
  3. Bijapur Bulls (BIJ) played 3 game, 1 loss, no win and 2 no result.
  4. Captain Bharath Chipli will be lead for team BIJ.
  5. Bijapur Bulls (BIJ) is a good and balanced team.
  6. Main Batters are Bharath Chipli(c), Shishir Bhavane, Anurag Bajpai(w), Mir Kaunain Abbas, KN Bharath
  7. Main All-Rounders are Suneel Raju (off-break batting AL), MG Naveen (right-arm medium fast batting AL)
  8. Main Fast Bowlers are Ronit More(right-arm medium fast), Zahoor Farooqui (right-arm medium fast)
  9. Main Spinners are KP Appanna (left-arm orthodox), KC Cariappa (leg-spin).
  10. Perhaps, Bharath Chipli & Shishir Bhavane will open for BIJ.

Updated News of Bellary Tuskers (BT)

  1. Bellary Tuskers (BT) retained CM Gautam (w/c), Abhinav Manohar, Devdutt Paddikal and Rohan Kadam from last year.
  2. Bellary Tuskers (BT) played 4 game, 3 loss , no win and 1 has no result.
  3. Try to make a fantasy MW vs BT Dream11 Team with the best players. (Given below)
  4. All bowlers are in good form but they lost due to the failure of their batting. In batting, Only Abhinav Manohar, Devdutt Paddikal, and Rohan Kadam are in good form.
  5. Bellary Tuskers (BT) retained CM Gautam (w/c), Abhinav Manohar, Devdutt Paddikal, D Nischal and Rohan Kadam from last year.
  6. Main Batters are Devdutt Paddikal, Rohan Kadam, CM Gautam (w/c) and Abhinav Manohar.
  7. Main Fast Bowlers are T Pradeep (right-arm medium fast) and SL Akshay (right-arm medium fast).
  8. Main Spinner of the team is Abrar Kazi (left-arm orthodox).
  9. Main all-rounder is C A Karthik (right-arm medium fast bowling AL).
  10. Perhaps, Devdutt Paddikal & Rohan Kadam will open for Bellary Tuskers (BT). CA Karthik can also open.

Description of The Match

(BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team) 

This is the 14th Match of Karnataka Premier League 2018. This match will be played between Bijapur Bulls vs Bellary Tuskers at Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore on Sunday, 25th August 2018 at 06:30 PM IST.

This is Domestic T20 series. In this series. Every team will play thrice with each other i.e. twenty-one (21) matches between seven (7) teams and top four (4) teams will reach in the semi-final and remains two teams will play final match.

  This is KPL (Karnataka Premier League) 2018. There are 7 teams – Belagavi Panthers (BP), Bengaluru Blasters (BB), Hubli Tigers (HT), Mysuru Warriors (MW), Bellary Tuskers (BT), Shivamogga Lions (SL), and Bijapur Bulls (BIJ). 

These domestic matches are highly risky in the sense of playing 11 because every team will try all players in different -different matches. So it is hard to predict who will play in this particular match.

I do not recommend to play these matches. But if you want to take a risk, it is on you. I am trying my best but I am not 100% confident. We are giving team only for our user’s request.

Full Squad of Bijapur Bulls (BIJ)

*This is the full squad of BIJ for BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team.

KP Appanna, Bharath Chipli (c), Ronit More, Suneel Raju, Shishir Bhavane, KC Cariappa, Naveen MG, KN Bharath (wk), Mir Kaunain Abbas, Bhavesh Gulecha, Zahoor Farooqui, Anurag Bajpai (wk), Rishabh Singh, KL Shrijith, Suraj Kamath, Amar Ghale, Majid Makkandar, Ruthraj

Full Squad of Bellary Tuskers (BT)

*This is the full squad of BT for BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team

CM Gautam (c & wk), Manjesh Reddy, Abrar Kazi, Santhebennur Akshay, Gonnabattula Chiranjeevi, Dega Nischal, Rohan Kadam, Abhinav Manohar, Ritesh Bhatkal, Rohit Sabharwal (wk), Pradeep T, Karthik CA, Satish Bharadwaj, Rajat Hegde, Swapnil Yelave, Devdutt Padikkal, Muthanna Nayak,

NOTE: Select players from only given above squad and include in your BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team. Other players will not play.

Comparison of BIJ vs BT Teams

In WK CM Gautam & Anurag Bajpai both are the best option.

Pitch Report

This “BIJ vs BT Match” will be played at Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore on Sunday, 25th August 2018 at 06:30 PM IST. The pitch will help batsman.

Some T20I matches data at Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore will help to make the BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team are as follow:

**Data is not available.

Fantasy Cricket Tips & X-Factor of the Match

(BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team)

Fantasy Cricket Tips – Both are the competitive teams, so make a balanced fantasy BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team.

Expected 11 of Bijapur Bulls (BIJ)

(In the sequence of batting order of BIJ Team)

Bharath Chipli(c), Shishir Bhavane, Anurag Bajpai(w), Mir Kaunain Abbas, KN Bharath, Naveen MG, Suneel Raju, Ronit More, KC Cariappa, KP Appanna, Zahoor Farooqui,

Expected 11 of Bellary Tuskers (BT)

(In the sequence of batting order of BT Team)

Rohan Kadam, Devdutt Padikkal, D Nischal, Abhinav Manohar, CM Gautam(w/c), Karthik CA, Abrar Kazi, Pradeep T, Ritesh Bhatkal, Santhebennur Akshay, Muthanna Nayak/Rajat Hegde/Manjesh Reddy,

BIJ vs BT Best Batsmen

  1. Bharath Chipli -BIJ
  2. Mir Kaunain Abbas -BIJ
  3. Shishir Bhavane -BIJ
  4. KN Bharath -BIJ
  5. Devdutt Paddikal -BT
  6. Rohan Kadam -BT
  7. Abhinav Manohar -BT
  8. D Nischal -BT

BIJ vs BT Best Bowlers

  1. Ronit More -BIJ
  2. Zahoor Farooqui -BIJ
  3. KC Cariappa -BIJ
  4. KP Appanna -BIJ
  5. T Pradeep -BT
  6. Abrar Kazi -BT
  7. SL Akshay -BT

BIJ vs BT Best All-rounders

  1. Naveen MG -BIJ
  2. Suneel Raju -BIJ
  3. CA Karthik -BT

BIJ vs BT Wicket-keeper

  1. Anurag Bajpai -BIJ
  2. CM Gautam – BT

BIJ vs BT Best Captain and Vice-Captain Options

  1. Bharath Chipli -BIJ
  2. Naveen MG -BIJ
  3. Shishir Bhavane -BIJ
  4. Suneel Raju -BIJ
  5. Devdutt Paddikal -BT
  6. Rohan Kadam -BT
  7. CM Gautam -BT
  8. CA Karthik -BT

NOTE: Friends, create your team with the information given on this website. We are only giving SL & GL team for your reference. This is only to increase your winning probability in BIJ vs BT Match.

BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team

** Here we’ll try to make our best BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team for today’s match **

This BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team is referred to by EXPERT opinion if you understand, go with it or you can create your own “BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team” based on the information given in this website.


BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team (Our Expert Team-1)


BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team (Our Expert Team-2)bij vs bt dream11 team


  1. Hence, All information is given by the expert.
  2. You will be able to create a BIJ vs BT Dream11 Team with your intellectual skills & logical decision with the information available in this website.
  3. This website will not be responsible for any win or lose in BIJ vs BT Match.

Note – If you’ve any queries about us you can contact us.

*Please be sure to visit our website 1 hour before the deadline once. We will update here if any news comes. So, Keep in touch with latest updates.

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